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The Mind Palace of Eccentricity

When I was little my parents walked into my room after hearing gleeful laughter. At the time, I had a heartbeat Winnie the Pooh doll. Anyway, it turns out that I RIPPED his heart out and LAUGHED. And that is the story of my descent into insanity. 

"All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock."

-Mycroft Holmes

Tumblr: BITCH PLEASE. *goes back to keyboard smash about our favorite characters in our little fandoms*

Hello, my name is Lydia! I'm a strange 18 year old girl who wishes that she was British. I'll move to England someday...
Anyway, the most important things to me are horseback riding, archery, drawing, writing, and my fandoms.
Fandoms: Ever changing, but I like Sherlock, Doctor Who, Sailor Moon, Attack on Titan, and Hannibal.
Other Facts About Me:
I am an INTJ.
I enjoy making friends, so please talk to me.

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